Blog ou CMS à l'Xml

Short documentation in english(Edit)

This is a short documentation for the english readers who want to use PluXml.

Languages supported(Edit)

PluXml supports the following languages :

DE - EN - ES - FR - IT - NL - PL - PT - RO - RU

System requirement(Edit)

- Web server (Apache for example)

- PHP5 and greater

- PHP-GD for image manipulation

- optional : for url rewriting, mod_rewrite must be enabled on Apache

- optional : send mail with PHP


Go on the Download Page and click on "Télécharger" to download the .zip file.


Unzip the downloaded file and upload the content of the directory on your Web server with FTP in the folder you want to install PluXml.

For example :



Then, just go on your site or and follow the instructions.

If the installation is not starting, ensure to go at


  1. backup your data and themes directories
  2. download the latest version
  3. extract the .zip file
  4. upload the new files on your FTP
  5. take a look if all is right (.htaccess for url rewriting for example)


To install a theme, simply upload the theme you want in the /themes/ directory :

- /themes/defaut/

- /themes/my-theme/

Go on the admin section of PluXml, and active your theme.


The same way than the theme, download, extract and upload the plugin in the plugin directory, like this :

- /plugins/my-plugins/

Go on the admin section of PluXml, and active your plugin, then configure it if needed.


For the moment, there is no support in english.